How to find your lost android smartphone best trick

How to find your lost android smartphone best trick

In our daily life every person has a  android smartphone this is very common.some people lost their phone due to many reason. In this case our personal data like photo,documents,numbers etc stored in our mobiles is not safe. Many people is very reverences when they lost their mobile phone. So we have listed the some best method How to find your lost android smartphone best trick.

The best methods are

1  Using Android Device Manager

Android device manager is one of best method for finding your smartphone. And it is a most device manager is launch by google. Its also called Google Find My Device. Its very easy to use and very easily you can track your phone. Simply login to Android Device Manager on the desktop through your Google account and choose the right device from the list. It will automatically locate the phone and you can click button to make it ring or lock it and even erase all your data. Once it shows your phone location on the map. from the ADM website. You have the option to make the phone ring. Just tap the Ring button on upper left side of the screen.

This is useful if you believe that phone is just nearby and its not stolen. If your phone is stolen and you want to keep your personal data secure you can remotely delete all the data on  phone by clicking “Erase.” This will restore your phone to its factory state.

Samsung Find My Mobile Move to Trash

If you have an samsung mobile then you can use the another best method to find your mobile. To use the trick you need a Samsung account and you have to register the device. Before you will lost it. So try to remember if you did that.sign in to the Find my mobile website and you need to do is by selecting ‘Locate my device’ in a sidebar and click on the locate button. It will give you an approximate location for your phone.Also it will let you make it ring, send a message to the phone and wipe your data.

3 Android Lost app

Android lost app is the one of the best app to find your use the mathod you have to install the app from playstore. The Lost the Android app on your phone. You need to send the SMS with a text “androidlost register” to your phone. Lost Android will be automatically register with the help of the phone’s Google account credentials.

4 Google map location

Its very easy to find the last loction of your mobile by useing google.Go to the Your Timeline of former Google Maps Location History and make sure that the current day is selected in calendar. On the left sidebar you can see the complete timeline of that day including the names all recorded location

Here is How to find your lost android smartphone trick.

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