Everything is getting more and more mobile, so is your TV. Android mobile apps that provide a platform for you to watch your favorite shows. On the go are getting more and more popular. We have compiled the list of WATCH TV CHANNELS ON YOUR MOBILE PHONE apps….

All these apps offer up popular and yes, official and legal streams of the popular television shows without any need for subscription or a satellite or cable hook. The only price you will pay is in potential bandwidth and the few extra minutes of your time for commercials. If you are looking for on a go entertainment that won’t cost you a thing. Grab all these apps and start watching now
apps through which you can stream your favorite shows right from your Android device.


The Hotstar app is probably one of the most famous live TV streaming apps in India. The app started in a quite small but in the present time, this app has plenty of exclusive shows. This app also lets you stream cricket matches for free. Everything can go full screen on this app and the video quality is also pretty good.

nexGTv – Mobile TV, Live TV

Thi app consists of more than 140 Indian channels that you can stream and access for free. This app is very intuitive and gives to their users a lot of controls so they are better able to optimize their user experience. Some other accessibility features like the option to add a channel to the favorites and searching for TV channels makes this app quite good.

Indian TV Live

This app provides free and unrestricted access to a lot of channels. The channels include a whole lot of news channels, talk shows, cartoons and other sports and music channels.

Bingo – Live Indian TV

The Bingo app is another great app that allows you to stream your favorite shows and channels, for free. The best thing about this app is it also gives access to some of the regional channels.

ZengaTv – Mobile TV, Live TV

The ZengaTv app is  very good app for the users. Who are looking for videos and movies along with streaming of channels. This app can be use on the all forms of networks. Genre-wise display and channel search are just some of the very useful functionalities that you get through this app.

News channels like ABP News, Zee News, NDTV, Aaj Tak, etc. are also having their dedicated mobile apps. That will allow users to watch these channels live on their smartphones.

And nearly every TV network now has their own Android app nowadays. But many offer little or nothing to watch if you don’t have the login info from the cable or satellite subscription. Luckily, if you are not paying for cable but you can still catch up with many of the your favorite shows and sample. A wide array of a fresh offerings without paying a cent. All 10 of these apps offer up popular and yes official and legal streams of the popular television shows. Without any need for the subscription or a satellite or cable hook. The only price you will pay is in a potential bandwidth and the few extra minutes of your time for the commercials. If you are looking for on a go entertainment that won’t cost you a thing, grab al these apps and start watching now


Previously called Watch ABC, the ABC – Live TV and Full Episodes app are the free offering from a major network. And it will  actually give you the quite a bit to watch without needing to input the login details. There is still a lot under lock and key, but also plenty to see if you need a quick fix

Pros: The ABC app is stocked with the current TV series of all sorts, including Dancing With Stars,Black-ish,Designated Survivor and Anerican Crime. And you will usually find a free access to five of the recent episodes of each. Older shows will offer more to watch, including the full season apiece of The Felicity and Muppet’s as of this writing. And Jimmy Kimmel is Live! locks its the most recent episodes. But had about a 15 slightly older ones on the tap.

Cons: While many shows offer handful of the free episodes to watch. The most recently aired one is often locked away for the people with logins. And a older episodes are likewise unavailable. Live TV also requires the login to access.

ABC – Live TV and Full Episodes


CBS has seemingly is larger digital ambitions than the ABC in this space. As it is one app not only serves as the repository for a free content and even more with login. But also the hub for its paid All Access subscription service. That will be confusing, but there is still a lot of free TV to watch here.

Pros: The CBS app is loaded with the content new and old alike. Whether you are looking for current hits like Elementary,The Big Bang Theory or NCIS or the older favorites like multiple Star Trek series and The Brady Bunch. With newer shows, you will typically find five of the recent episodes available without login. And unlike the ABC, the CBS app doesn’t lock the newest of each. Older shows are the less consistent with their free offering: some have the couple of episodes. While others have a many more. Meanwhile, the CBS Evening News had the all 18 of its recent episodes is available for free.

ll Access will be a confusing roadblock, especially since the some TV shows like. The new The Good Wife spinoff, The Good Fight and movies requires the subscription. But are not always clearly marked. Its $6 a month with commercials or $10 without. Without a pricier subscription, you can expect it about two minutes of commercials during the each ad break for a free shows available here.

CBS Full Episodes and Live Tv


Not only The CW’s app a lot more attractive than the those from a larger networks. But this also has a handy advantage. You won’t run into a any locked content because app doesn’t have any of exclusive content for satellite or cable subscribers. Nice.

Pros: Everything on app is free to watch, and The CW has its full roster of the  current shows. Including Arrow, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Jane the Virgin, Supergirl i Zombie, and Riverdale. And that is not all separate app, called as CW Seed, is also totally free and has a larger chunks of the episodes for things like Whose Line is  Anyway? and Everybody Hates the Chris

Cons: On the main CW app. You will only find five of the recent full episodes for each show and if you have a satellite or cable login. That means that you can’t type in your details for more. There is also a no live TV option, given a lack of login.

The CW (Free) and CW Seed (Free)


Crackle is the unique beast, in that its not based on the single network but unlike Netflix. Its totally free of cost and ad supported. Sony’s service has the wide selection of the offerings, including classic TV series from the various networks. And also a array of the  full length movies.

Pros: You will find quite a lot of the  content on Crackle, and while not everything is top tier, there is some classic shows in the mix things like Seinfeld, NewsRadio, The Shield, and All in the Family and. Also, Crackle has few originals of its own, including Jerry Seinfelds Comedian in Cars Getting Coffee, as well as the Snatch and Startup. Crackle has the full length movies, as well, such as Joe Dirt, Ali, and Two Smoking Barrels and Lock Stock.

Cons: The interface not much to have a look at and the selection is very scattershot. Also in seeing a random commercial breaks right at the middle of the full length movies is definitely odd. But all of that in a small price to pay for the some of the pretty great and entirely free of the content here.

Crackle (Free)

Fox Now

Fox’s app is a largely centered on its current or a recent broadcast network shows and does not have a vast library. But it does have the striking look and a solid array of the free content. And if you have the login info, there is a fair bit more is available.

Pros: Fox Now includes the all of the networks top shows right now. Ranging from the dramas like Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Last Man on Earth like Empire and Gotham to comedies, as well as the animated fare including Family Guy and The Simpsons. And yes, chef Gordon Ramsay is the well represent with both of Hell’s Kitchen and two different MasterChef varieties. Shows in the first season offer a last five od the episodes for free.

Cons: You will also get the five free episodes of a longer running shows. In the most cases, but the most of recent episode is locked for eight days so you will have to wait for those. Pop in the satellite or cable login and locks are lifted. Along with those for the additional episodes in a library. Also, while you might be excited to see the Marvels Legion show from FX in the listing, its solely for folks with the login. Same for a live TV, too.

Fox Now (Free)



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