Top Must Have Wordpress Plugins

Top Must Have WordPress Plugins

Hello every one i hope you all are having a amazing day and in this article i am going to talk about Top Must Have WordPress Plugins that website made easy.

You should be looking to try and use some if not all of this plugins as they will really benefit to your business. Grow your audience and drive more traffic to your website. I am going to take you through step by step explaining how they work and their benefits. Also all top plugins are completely free so lets starts straight.

SEO Friendly Images

This nifty little plugin basically improves traffic from search engines what exactly what we want.SEO Friendly Images automatically updates all your images to your website with proper alt and title attributes for seo purposes. The alt attributes is important part of search engine optimization it describes your images to search engines its a simple plugin but very effective getting your images to show up in search results and drives even more traffic to you websites.

WP Socializer

WP Socializer is a super cool plugin which will insert social bookmarking and also sharing buttons as well floating widgets. Customizable share bar so people visiting your site can like and share content with friends and social media. There a lots of social bookmarking buttons are available. Which can be used in many possible ways where and how you like use as required. I found it a very powerful plugin to use.

Contact Form 7

This plugin enables you to add contact form to your websites. Its super easy to use all you need to do is head over to contact and you can either edit the exists Contact form to how you like and also you can create one.You just click on add new on the top then just edit text and add any more you want in fill form easy.

You can use contact form 7 to add lead magnet to your website having a lead magnet is really important for the success of your business and website is a difference between a few subscriber a day to hundreds.

Yoast SEO

Yoast Seo is the best and most complete WordPress seo plugin. That exists today it corporate everything google snippet preview and page analysis functionality. Which will help you to optimise your page content,Image title,Meta description and a lots more as well as a lots of optimisation options in between its a great plugin to write seo articles.

Google XML Sitemaps

At first this plugin will look little bit confusing but don’t worry really isn’t. This plugin generates XML Sitemaps.Which means it will help search engines like google to index you website much better and the information on your site to be retrieve more officially. Which results more traffic and higher rankings in the search results who doesnt want that. This plugin does exactly that so i definitely suggest this plugin.



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