What Is Google Analytics Uses Of Google Analytics Course

What Is Google Analytics Uses Of Google Analytics Course

1. Introduction to Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free, web analytics tool which shows you how visitors actually find and use
your site. With Google Analytics, you’ll be able to
• make informed site design and content decisions
• improve your site to convert more visitors into customers
• track the performance of your keywords, banner ads, and other marketing campaigns
• track metrics such as revenue the average order value and ecommerce conversion rates

Google Analytics can help you answer important questions about your site and the marketing
initiatives, such as
• How are the visitors using my sites?
• How I can make my marketing campaigns more effective and accountable?
• Is my content effective?
• Where are visitors abandoning their shopping carts and where do they go afterwards?
• How can I improve my sites navigations and helps my visitors to get more out of the site?

Google Analytics has been design to meet the need of novice users as well as web analytics
experts. Some of the features include
• Map Overlay which can help to you understand how to have best target campaigns by geographic region
• AdWords Integration which will make it easy to track AdWords campaigns
• Internal Sites Search which will allow you to track how people use the search box on your site
• Funnel Visualization so that you can optimize your checkout and conversion click-paths

How Google Analytics works?

When a visitor clicks a page on your site a request made to the web server to display the page. The
page is serve and the JavaScript snippet of Google Analytics Tracking Code is execute along with the
The Google Analytics Tracking Code, that you place on each page of your site, calls the trackPageView()
method. At this point, the Google Analytics first-party cookies read and written.
The webpage then sends the invisible gif request containing all the data to the secure Google Analytics
reporting server, where the data is capture and process. Data is processes regularly throughout the
day and you will see the results in your reports.

Scenarios to consider

Google Analytics uses only first-party cookies, which are considers safe and non-intrusive by the most
internet users today. Although many people do block third-party cookies set by their web
browsers, this won’t affects the Google Analytics.

Someone who blocks all the cookies, however, won’t be track by Google Analytics since all the data is
passed to the Google Analytics server via a first party cookies.
Someone who deletes their cookies will still be tracked but they will be identified as a new visitor to the
site and the Google Analytics wont be able to attribute their conversions to the prior referring campaign.
Peoples delete cookies for the many reasons one of which is to prevents the personal data from being reported
or captured. But note that Google Analytics does not report on the personally identifiable information.
We’ll learn more about cookies in detafil in a later module.

A much less the common scenario is that a visitor to your site has disabled JavaScripts on his/her browser.
A visitor who disables the JavaScript will wont be tracked since the Google Analytics Tracking Code cant be
Cached pages are saved on the visitors local machine and so they are not served by the web server. Google
Analytics will still track visits to the cached pages as long as the visitor is connected to the internet.
JavaScript errors will occur when a element of the web pages script contains a error or fails to execute
correctly. If an error occurs before the Tracking Code is execute with the visit to the page that
won’t be tracked.

Data Confidentiality

All data collected by the Google Analytics is anonymous including how the
visitors navigate through the site, where visitors comes from and other actions they may perform.
No personally identifiable information is collected.
Furthermore, Google’s support and the sales staff may only access to a client’s data with the client’s

You may select to share your Google Analytics data with the other Google products and Google uses
the data to improve the products and the services we will provide you. Electing to share your data
Anonymously with Google and others will allow you to receive a benchmarking report. To provide
benchmarking, Google removes all identifiable informations about your website and then combines the data
with hundreds of the other anonymous sites in a comparable industries and reports them in an aggregate
If you select do not share Google Analytics data you will not receive the benchmarking report and
may not have access to specific ads related features such as a Conversion Optimizer.
Again, regardless of your Data Sharing settings, Google does not share Analytics data with any 3rd

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